About Us

GreenGlove Ltd commenced trading in 2015 with a view to promoting new and innovative technologies into the UK and European markets.

Our offerings are growing year on year and we currently provide products and services into the following sectors;

Construction, Civil Engineering & Environmental Management – MetaFLO UK featuring MuDD-Dry and Drill-FLO

Automotive Industry – NanoTech Industries Ltd in association with LSI Chemical and the Hot Shot’s Secret Brand

Wastewater Treatment – In association with Bishop Water Technologies

Borehole Drilling – GreenGlove Boreholes

GreenGlove Boreholes has been created with a view to expanding our operations into the contracting sector. GGB will focus on the growing geothermal drilling market with partnerships with industry leading drilling rig and equipment suppliers.

We continue our focus in finding innovative companies and products to expand our offerings and growth.