MuDD-Dry Case Study – Estuary Road, Kings Lynn

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The job was a burst main repair at Estuary Road Kings Lynn which was carried out with an excavation of approximately 6.2m long x 3.4m wide and 3.5m deep over the Bank Holiday weekend of 1st to 3rd May 2021.

Due to lack of availability of permanent reinstatement resource over that weekend (asphalt plants not open) the decision was taken to ‘make safe’ the excavation by partially backfilling to a safe level of 1.2m deep with sand fill to avoid the necessity, and allow for the safe removal of ‘temporary works’.

Due to a combination of heavy rain and water ingress into the open excavation over the weekend the sand fill had become saturated and flooded beyond the acceptable standard for use as backfill material.
Traditional options would be to remove all the saturated material, dispose at landfill and replace with dry material. Costly, time consuming and not very environmentally friendly.

On that basis we took the opportunity to try the Mud Dry soil stabiliser which to date had not been tested on such a large scale.

When we arrived on site the excavation looked like this:

MuDD-Dry Case Study

We pumped to remove the excess water:

We pumped to remove the excess water - Mudd-dry

Which left a saturated excavation which looked like this. Oh Dear…

MuDD-Dry Case Study 3

An extremely sloppy mess!

MuDD-Dry Case Study 2

Sprinkle on the product:

MuDD-Dry Case Study 4

Give it a stir with the digger bucket and keep mixing for 5 – 10 mins:

MuDD-Dry Case Study 5

As the material dries out dig it onto the side of the excavation:

MuDD-Dry Case Study 6

Now a full heap of dry material ready to be used as dry backfill:

MuDD-Dry Case Study 7

We even managed to use the excavated material that had been left on the side of the excavation, mix it in with the treated material so that the only waste was the asphalt lumps removed when mixing which minimised waste volumes considerably.

MuDD-Dry Case Study 8

Good old-fashioned soil test of the now treated material before re-use.

MuDD-Dry Case Study 9

Backfill the hole with the now dry material.

MuDD-Dry Case Study 10

Now ready for compaction:

MuDD-Dry Case Study 11

Soil samples were taken for testing of the material treated only with mud-dry (bottom image) and a sample of the same material treated with hand mix SMR (top image).

The Samples were taken to allow us to continue to better understand the relationships of the 2 products, for example does the mud-dry effect the ability of the SMR to harden?

Initial trials have seen excellent results and we currently have cube testing samples under 7, 14- and 28-day tests for absorption and compaction.

Further results of ongoing testing to follow.


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